align your talent model with business goals and growth ambitions

To support your role as a human capital leader and business driver, we have developed a consultancy diagnostic tool, “Step>Edge>Ahead,” that provides a collaborative, qualitative and quantitative framework to assess your current talent acquisition model and map out how to best reach your company’s unique near- and long-term goals.

take a recruitment check-up

Can your talent acquisition strategy beat increasing talent scarcity without significantly increasing cost? If you find it difficult to answer the following questions, it may well be time that your business had a recruitment practices ‘check-up’.

  • Do you know the total cost of recruitment for your business? Including the time, effort and resources of your hiring managers that should be focused on your business?
  • Do you know how much your current time to fill is costing your business?
  • Do you have the best technology and processes in place to increase speed to critical talent?
  • Do you know if your employer brand and recruitment marketing efforts are attractive to the top talent you seek or if your candidate experience is losing valuable applications?
  • Do you have the right assessment methodologies that predict talent success?
  • Can you accurately workforce forecast and measure the impact of your recruitment strategy on the bottom line?
  • Do you know the predicted impact of RPA and AI on your workforce and the best approach to “re-tooling” them?
  • Do you have the analytics and insight to move beyond traditional talent boundaries of permanent and contingent to build a holistic, total talent model that delivers the talent where and when you need it?

evaluating your unique talent needs

The foundation of the Step>Edge>Ahead consultancy model is to look beyond the boundaries of traditional talent – permanent, temporary, contract and SOW – to bring business decision-makers together to define the best-fit talent model that will drive company growth ambitions.

see how step>edge>ahead could make a difference to your talent strategy.

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